Whether you are building a new home or have been in your house for many years, there are reasons why you would want to work with an interior designer. If you personally are not confident in your own skills when it comes to matching colors, fabrics, furniture, utilization of space (or anything else involved with making your home look its best), a designer can be just what you need.

One of the key tricks toward finding a great interior designer is to initially choose from a quality pool of candidates. The larger and more qualified your pool of candidates, the greater your chances of finding an interior designer who will meet your needs and produce an amazing final product.

There are many ways that you can go about finding exceptional candidates. Asking your friends, coworkers and relatives if they have any interior designers that they have worked with is a good start. This can be very useful in that you may also be able to see firsthand the final product of a designers labor. Of course, this will be tremendously helpful in choosing your final designer.

Once you have a list of candidates for your potential designer, it is important to evaluate their portfolio. An interior designer’s portfolio is their biggest sales tool, as it represents the best of their body of work. If you happen to come across a designer who does not have a portfolio, this should be a clue to you that they might not be the most professional person, and you might want to move on to your next candidate. If possible, while evaluating the designer’s portfolio, you should ask to see an actual job that they have designed, not just photos of it.

Just as important as their design skills, communication skills are critical when working with an interior designer. You have to be able to work with this person for what could be an extended period of time. You have to be able to communicate to your designer what your desires are, and make those desires understood so that the end result meets your needs.

Thus, when you are looking for a designer and considering your final candidates do not overlook the importance of quality communication. Being able to effectively communicate with your interior designer may very well make the difference between creating a great living space that meets your needs, versus a design that just leaves you cold.

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