High on the list of locations in need of a new look are your neighbourhood pub — home of the bar stool– restaurants, and your kitchen. While businesses like pubs, clubs and fancy eateries are always in need of a fresh look in order to compete for fickle patrons, the kitchen usually tops the list for homeowners interested in a renovation. One thing that these three rather different locations have in common is the ability for a skilled decorator to make a real difference just by accessorizing. Why bother with the expense of ripping out walls when some paint, a few prints or posters and a set of stylish new bar stools will make the place look like new?

People often ask me, “Why bar stools?” It’s quite simple, really. While the bar stool has stood the test of time as a fixture in pubs across the country, it’s suffered somewhat because of this association. Yet, if you take the time to look at what a retailer with a wide selection has to offer (I recommend Barstoolworld.co.uk), you’ll discover that the lowly bar stool is now available in hundreds of fashionable and trendy new designs. Because so few homeowners think to incorporate bar stools in their decorations, just introducing them in place of traditional chairs has a huge visual impact.

Restaurants and pubs are well versed with the use of bar stools, but the owners of these establishments often overlook what a set of new stools can do for their decor. The basic wooden bar stool remains popular, but Barstoolworld.co.uk offers hundred of options that can transform the look of a room at a reasonable price. There are options from traditional to trendy. Their products include commercial grade bar stools that range from the £47.99 Cuboid bar stool in black faux leather with foot rest and powder coated grey steel base all the way up to the Pienza Stool with chrome footrest and base, beech stem and vinyl seat that’s priced at £539.99. Most bar stools are available from Barstoolworld.co.uk with available next day or 48 hour delivery in the UK, and at prices that are up to 70% off of RPP.

For the homeowner, a set of bar stools can be used to replace chairs in the kitchen, breakfast nook or your home bar. Besides the wide range of colours and options available, what people often don’t realize until they make the switch, is that a bar stool takes up less floor space than a typical chair. So by switching to bar stools, your new look can not only include new colours and materials, but more room. It’s a pretty cost effective way to decorate!

About the Author :-

Violet Flowers is an interior decorator with a growing reputation for elevating the lowly bar stool to new heights. According to Violet, accessories are the key to changing decor without a massive budget. One thing home kitchens, pubs and restaurants have in common is the transformative effect replacing old chairs with new bar stools can have.