There’s the old saying “Do not judge the book by its cover”, but with Thatcher Wine, he sells the book purely by its covers and his extremely good taste. Mr. Wine, a former Internet entrepreneur, who now creates custom book collections and decorative “book solutions”, has proved that books could be more than a holder of literature, but a charming and elegant decoration for his client room, especially instead of gracing their room by hanging work arts, many upper class clients now love the textural feeling of shelves, and of books on display.


Thatcher Wine\’s customers mainly are designers, high-end builders and rich individuals, “I try to get an idea of who the typical residence owner is and put myself in their shoes,” Mr. Wine said. “What would they want to read and have available for their children and guests?”

Mr. Wine suggested particular appetites for any customers\’s taste. For a family with a third home in Jackson Hole, Wyo., he assembled a collection of western-themed books.

For the library of the Four Seasons Residences in Austin, Tex., Mr. Wine built a collection of nearly 1,200 books — on topics like travel and art, as well as modern fiction and literary classics.

Mr. Wine provided 1,500 books wrapped in plain white paper as a “textural accent” in the library of the spa. The owners do not fancy about the content and it seems that no one would open a book, Mr. Wine chose inexpensive mass-market fiction

For a young client in East Side, Mr. Wine wrapped literary classics in silver jackets to match the silver hardware in an art library.

Federico Uribe, a Colombian conceptual artist working in Miami, has another idea of using books to decorate his house, he uses books in bright primary colors to create toothsome pieces like this one, as he said “”Most people destroy trees to make books, I destroy books to make trees.”



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