When you think about cabin decorating do you automatically think of tin mugs, deer trophies on the walls and bear motifs on the bedspreads? This article will give you some fresh ideas in cabin interior decorating that are practical, warm and beautiful. After all, mounted carp and antlers get a little old after a while.

When you think about a theme for decorating your cabin, by all means think warm and cozy, comfortable and practical. Sure, you can have an animal theme if you want, but how about something a little more original? How about something that brings a modern or classic feel and yet is simple and easy and to bring up to the mountains in the SUV?

Bedding, wraps, throw blankets and pillows are relatively cheap, easy to transport and don’t require much effort to arrange once you get there. No-one wants to spend their fishing weekend getaway doing heavy lifting or remodeling the interior of a cabin! When you are looking for decorating colors, try a bright plaid in place of the muted green complete with flying mallard duck. You can mix plaids with paisleys, plain colors or florals. Just remember that to create a coordinated look you need to match colors, not patterns. So if you choose a set of plaid throw blankets, with let’s say lemon, burgundy, and cream, you can use throw pillows in each of those colors, one lemon, one burgundy and one cream, and multi-colored curtains that pull those colors into the pattern.

Consider using sofa and chair covers to hide aging furniture in the cabin so that you don’t have to go to the hassle and expense of getting new furniture delivered. While there is a wide variety of covers to choose from it is not always easy to find exactly what you are looking for, so stay with plainer covers and bring pattern and life to your cabin interior decorating with multi-colored or patterned throw pillows, and drape a throw blanket across the back of the sofa to add ambiance. You might even consider a set of throw rugs which again, are easy to buy, easy to transport and easy to put in place once you arrive.

Want year round floral arrangements in your getaway cabin? Purchase a couple of vases that use silk flowers in resin that look like real floral arrangements in water. You will never have to worry about the flowers dying and you can add instant visual appeal that also brings a pop of color to a bureau, side table, or dresser. Another great decorating trick is to buy some great colored dishes. Look for bold pottery in large, comforting sizes with bright stripes or Italian or Provençal inspired designs. Use a mug tree or a plate rack to display your dishes and create a country atmosphere without animal overload in your cabin decorating theme.

Finally, think of lighting for your cabin décor. Shop around for a great Tiffany style lamp that brings color, light and beauty all in one simple package. Use a coordinated floor lamp and table lamp to pull the look together and see if you can bring in all the colors you have used in your cabin decorating scheme in the Tiffany style lamp shades. Your cabin will be a home away from home, and when you get done with your day of adventure you won’t have to come home and face the bears.

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