Choosing the right lighting for your home is so important. Lighting is the vehicle to creating the perfect ambiance to suit you and your environment.

Choose from a soft warm glow for a relaxed atmosphere, to spot lighting for those places where you need to see the smallest details – every room will require a different option.

Your own personal preferences will dictate what you require. You’ll want to welcome your visitors into a well lit hallway, where your lighting may include an elegant chandelier or a modern ceiling fitting.

Your dining area and sitting areas will need more subtle lighting with a center fitting, wall lighting or lamps. Into the kitchen and your choice will have to be much brighter lighting to highlight the areas where you will be working. Subtle concealed lighting for the bedroom. Light fittings with built in extractor fans for the bathroom.

The kids’ rooms are easy to light – just ask which Disney or TV character they like and you will find lamp shades and table lamps in the theme of their choice. When their allegiance changes (often!!!) so will the decor of their room.

Whatever your personality and preference, there is an endless choice of lighting available and your imagination can run riot, reflecting history, classic themes, modern or ultra modern.

An elegant ceiling light with single or multiple branches above a dining table, or chic and stylish wall lights – whatever your choice, your home will reflect your individuality.

Moving to the outside and again there is a myriad of lighting to choose from.

Solar lights dotted randomly around your garden area or forming a path, landscape lighting in the form of modern or traditional lampposts, color changing lighting to enhance a water feature.

A plethora of ideas to suit any imagination.

Outdoor lighting in the form of security lights which activate with movement, will give you and your family peace of mind. These are usually fitted by experts who will advise on the type of security your property best needs.

Patio lighting is ideal if you are holding lots of barbeque parties. Or if you just like to relax outside after work with a glass of wine. Patio lights with built in heaters are ideal for colder nights.

And if you want to wander around your garden after dark, there is a huge choice of concealed lighting that will create exciting shadows to make your garden a place of magic.

Your home is a reflection of yourself and your family and every aspect of the decor is important. Nothing more so than the lighting you choose.

Table lamps are an ideal way of lighting dark corners; spot lights do the same job if you are modern thinking (or short of available space).

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings in your home, there is a choice of chandeliers and ceiling fittings to reflect the classic or modern taste. The lower ceilings of our modern homes are more suited to lighting which fits flush and takes up little downward space.

Whatever your environment, it is important to choose lighting that enhances. Large houses, small houses, individual rooms, garden areas – all need careful consideration when choosing how to light up your space.

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