Colour contacts are in vogue these days! Quite often, colour contact lenses are used either to intensify or change the natural eye colour.  However, you should buy contact lenses only after consulting an optometrist. He will recommend the type of contact lens that best suits you as well as the precise instructions for cleaning and storing the lenses. People who have visual problems can also get coloured contacts based on prescription. There are mainly four types of coloured contact lenses: Visibility tints, Enhancement tints, Opaque colour tints and Light-filtering tints.

Visibility tints are generally used with corrective lenses for improving clarity of vision.
Enhancement tints will intensify your natural eye colour, thus creating a subtle change in your appearance.
Opaque Colour tints will transform your eye colour completely. They closely resemble our natural eye tints.
Light-filtering tints enhance certain colours by muting the others. They are mainly used by sports-persons and audiences for visual clarity.
If you wish to give yourself the appearance of an angel, a monster, an alien or a dragon, then you must surely go in for theatrical lenses! They are mainly used at fancy dress parties, proms, Halloween and other such occasions.

There are certain contact lenses which can last for a very long time i.e. up to 180 days if you properly follow your lens care regime. Single use, disposable lenses are a good option if you wish to use them only on special occasions.

Tips to remember:

Clean Coloured contact lenses regularly.
Always store contact lenses in a hygienic place.
Each type of contact lens should be used only with its corresponding cleansing solution.
Always use good quality cases for keeping your contact lenses. Moreover, cases must be regularly cleaned to avoid bacterial growth and infections.
Take in to consideration certain vital factors such as quality, suitability and guarantee before choosing the type of contact lens that you want.
Never share your contact lenses with others.
Select contact lenses of accurate sizes in order to prevent them from sliding off your eyes.


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