Most of people always look for their right job with high salary, especially students who have just graduated. Thus, you should find a job based on your major, ability, hobbies and so on. Besides, colour is a helpful factor when you choose your job. Let us show you some ways which mixed following colours including two colour groups. The first group is yellow, blue and red. The second one is green, purple and orange. Which colour does suit for you?

Yellow – Green


You are able to understand others and cleverly express your thought to improve your communication. Moreover, you can create products, services and systems which are suitable for working environment. If you are in favor of this color, you may become an architect, real estate broker, designer, social officer, or advisor.




Yellow – Purple

You like some jobs with high speed working and tasks do not repeat many times. You are never discouraged when you have some difficulties; in contrast, you like discovering new things and feel attractive. You can earn more money thanks to your communicating ability. Thus, the jobs which may suitable for you are public relationship officer, media manager, and counsellor for the youth.


Yellow – Orange

You usually update latest and valuable news about your field. You are open- mined, friendly, and you can analysis problems to solve in the best way. In addition, you can lessen pressure in your job. Hence, you are likely to do such tasks as statistician, researcher, geologist, and developing market officer.




Blue- Green

You can successfully cooperate with your colleagues and customers. They believe in you when they want to decide important things. Therefore, you may become a writer, actor, accountant, officer manager, and psychologist.




Blue – Purple

You always obtain a general view of the subject so that you can develop new ideas, fields and markets. Moreover, you are willing to overlook the inconsiderable things to finish your work. In addition, you are suitable with such jobs related to advertisement, salesman, public relationship officer, lawyer, researching market officer.




Blue – Orange

You can discover new things, improve producing process and have an inquiring mind. You work more effective and quicker thanks to the working pressure. Your jobs can be CEO, constructor, shop-assistant, and building worker.


Building Worker


Red – Green

You take full advantage of your strength to earn money. Your spending ability and carefulness are helpful in your work. It is time that you selected security officer, banking officer, teacher, nurse, and surgeon.




Red – Purple

You know to select information and make a plan. You know how to make people calm and rapidly solve matters. It is better for you to choose human resource manager, planner, editor and personal assistant.


Human ResourceManager


Red – Orange

There is a lesson to be learned from your mistakes and success in the past to set up your strong ideas. To be critical of others is an art which makes your work job smoother. You can find easy with some careers like analysis person, computer expert, producing manager, and businessman.


Computer Expert



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