Redefining Hong Kong styles
Hongkong is becoming a major hub now for the Ultra Rich. Lots of economies are being set up. There are tons of high fashion stores that reintegrate the need of Hong Kong dwellers for great things in life. The new Hong Kong has a global sensibility but it still has not lost its unique Chinese vibe. However with modernization, architectures, interiors and other facets of life have been transformed in a Western perspective. Interiors of the Ultra Rich are extremes. They can be exceedingly opulent, and they can also be a bit more to the minimalistic design facet. The Hong Kong luxury is a hodgepodge of design influences with the effervescent chinoiseie
Understanding Thai aesthetics
Thai aesthetics and design is one of the most renowned in the world because of its richness, opulence and overall appeal. Thai sensibilities have that vibrancy that is very much needed in homes. There is warmth in the bold color choices from blacks, to reds to oranges and other bright colors. There is boldness in styles present in the use of animal inspirations. There is an ornate feeling in the use of impeccable carving from high quality wood. Overall, the Thai aesthetic is like the burst of sunrise in our eyes. It is a feast of colors, textures and culture. The most important facet about the Thai aesthetic is that it can work fantastically in modern interiors.

The new cool
The modern and deluxe interiors in Hong Kong are very much geared now to Western style but we can still put amazing Thai furniture pieces to exude the needed appeal in the space. The Thai aesthetic has a close resemblance to many other Asian design aesthetics but the strongest facet of it all is the use of ornate detailing and carving. Its use of natural products make the Thai decor very much done to earth and extremely reliable for those who do not want the severity of metals and wants to go to a more natural aesthetic.

Reconfiguring homes with Thai sensibilities
Of course there are cultural and religious emblems related to Buddhism on Thai design and decor. However you need not to go too literal to exude a unique Thai experience. The wood carved cabinets and decor made of teak and other natural wood products are very much in vogue and it has a classic style that will surely work well as a conversation piece and as a special decorative motif. Rugs and tapestries that are hand-woven are excellent wall decor to create a focal point on massive or high walls. Lighting fixtures can add that needed warmth by using excellent Thai color ways. Gilded vases, figurines and other decor can add a touch of unexpected elegance and chinches to a space.

Getting them at a low price
What is more convenient is that you can buy pieces wholesale and you can also select individual pieces at a very competitive price. Modern and contemporary designs are very now but adding a simple piece of Thai decor can exude a much needed elegance and appeal to the space. I daresay these are not the most minimalist but it creates that needed appeal to Hong Kong homes. Jet setting individuals can relax and experience a real comfort on a home that exhibits the warmth and appeal of Thai design. Choose the pieces that speak to you and your room the most and enjoy it as essential interior fixture for your luxury home.

So, be creative and have fun when choosing the furniture and decorative items for your brand new home, and remember. You can browse our ever-growing inventory of great Thai-crafted home furnishings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at