You have created the perfect plan for the interior layout of your home, but why should you stop there? There is nothing like a house that looks just as good on the outside as it does within, so apply your creative talents to the entire structure with some of these deck design ideas that can turn any boring platform into a vibrant living space that is just as comfortable as the rest of the home.

Decorative trim moulding is typically found indoors. In the corners where walls, ceilings and floors meet, it can be used to create a stunning look without much trouble. Intelligent designers, however, never let themselves be limited by custom, and are no strangers to including trim moulding in other areas.

Your deck design ideas should also include railings and vertical posts. Decorative trim moulding provides a huge accent that conventional squared posts cannot match. There are few wooden deck railings that include decorative shaped cuts, so the fact that lightweight trim can be tacked on to any wood surface without requiring structural reinforcement makes it the perfect material solution for DIY enthusiasts who are tired of their old look. Moulding takes stains just as well as any other timber, and can thus be perfectly color matched to existing fixtures.

Deck design ideas are not only limited to the actual deck or patio either. Where these structures share edges with the main building, trim can be used to create an interior feel in an outdoor space. The inclusion of trim molding on exterior walls by decks can complete the enclosed look begun with the railing, or serve as a chair rail part way up the wall to protect siding and finishes from chair back marks.

Decorative trim moulding for outdoor use on decks and around their edges can be made of materials other than wood. Adding stone, cement or expanded polystyrene moldings is a great way to mix things up and create a classy outdoors look without spending a fortune. These materials are also nice for creating railings and retaining walls that match stone or flagstaff patios.

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