Whilst offices might previously have simply been a plain yet functional facility where there was no decoration or imposing interior design; however, this is rarely the case today. A great deal of business today is all about making a good first impression on your clients and demonstrating success and the style of your company. The overall look of your office will depend on the industry that you are in and altered designs that the competition have used.

Interior office design has become increasingly important for advertising and media companies, as it can exhibit creative flair with little effort. Add some more panache to the office with facilities, as this can increase the impressiveness of the business, as well as upping employee morale.

This however has not been ignored by other companies so it may seem a chore to try and develop a unique style. In business, it often pays to take a risk with innovative and unusual design, but it can sometimes cost the company more than the projected profit it will attain as a result. These are my top tips to create a stylish, functional and highly profitable office environment.

1. Style Office Around Company Motifs: You’ve already reeled the clients in so why continue to reiterate the company name? Quite simply, repetition is a great way to ingrain the name in someone’s mind and a company-themed office will demonstrate confidence in the business and impress clients further. This can be seen in a number of offices such as Twitter, who have based their colour scheme on their site, as well as adding a number of motifs to remind staff and clients of the original design of the site. It is also a massive benefit to place either newspaper clippings of business success or examples of previous work on the wall, as this can further show recognition of good work, providing a boost to employee morale.

2. Open Plan Layout Office: An open plan layout is an effective way to immediately impress clients in the office, as well as encourage staff to interact with each other in an intelligently-designed office space. Particularly useful for smaller companies or SMEs, using the office space to disperse staff around the environment can be extremely valuable, as this shows that the company is confident and smart. It can also demonstrate a creative flair, adaptability and a flexible nature – vital for efficient business success and growth.

3. Cultural Art: An office surrounded by bare walling can be brightened up considerably by some simple decorations. Typically, the style of art you choose to put up depends on the field of work you are in – creative agencies might use pop-art, whilst a research company may place photos or paintings on the walls. However, you should ensure that you get an agreed business consensus on your choice of art so that everyone will be happy and to maximise the potential of impressing clients.

4. Provide Wireless Internet To Visiting Clients: The internet is integral to most businesses today; however there are still a large amount of offices that use cable connections as opposed to a wi-fi connection. Whilst this might seem safer than wireless, it doesn’t generally leave a lasting impression on clients. It may also be a good idea to look into laptop hire that way should your client need a laptop you could let them borrow one.

Clients would be impressed at the ability to be able to use the internet in your office – however it is important to password-protect your wireless networking, as this could be leeched by other users, but it will show dedication and a good service by offering passwords to clients. Not only will clients be able to check their e-mails, they can also use their online software, potentially speeding up the process of securing their business, which could benefit your company significantly.

Essentially, it is up to your company how to fit out your office environment in the best and most effective way to suit your business. These are simple recommendations and will aid in making the most of your business and office interior.

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