Whether you are designing the interior of an office complex, or just a spare bedroom at home, designing an office that is both beautiful as well as functional is easy as long as you keep in mind style, personality, function, and space.

The first aspect to designing a beautiful office is style. Before you can make a plan of attack for design, you have to decide what style you would like your space to reflect. Are you modern? Are you eclectic? Traditional? These are important questions to ask yourself before you begin. Once you have decided on a style, look at magazines, online designer portfolios, and even store displays to get ideas for how you want to make that style your own. As you shop, find accessories that reflect both the style you have chosen, as well as pieces that you love and connect with. This will marry both your style and personal taste.

Next you will want to make your office reflect yours, or your company’s personality. Color is an important part of an office, and it involves more than just your wall colors. Color involves trim, artwork, furniture, and accessories. The color of your space makes it your own, as well gives your space life. Small spaces can quickly become open by using light neutral colors. Large spaces can quickly become more cozy using dark or rich colors. It is also important to bring a little bit of your life into your office. This can be family photos in frames that match the style you have chosen for the office, or just other accessories that make you feel at home in your space.

The next aspect of designing a beautiful office space is function. An office is just another room if it lacks functionality. Make a list of everything that you will be doing in your office. Will you be doing a lot of paperwork? If so, you will need plenty of counter space to spread your work out. Will you have a computer? If so, you will a computer area. Keep in mind that you want everything accessible, without overcrowding your office.

One of the most important parts of designing a beautiful office is space. You want your office to make you feel relaxed, while still having everything you need at your fingertips. Space is especially a concern in an office in a very small space such as a converted home bedroom. Remember that you not only have the floor to use, but you have four walls of space at your disposal as well. Wall shelves can quickly turn a cramped office space, into a beautiful open office by causing the eye to look upward, rather than focus on how little space there actually is. Hidden storage is also a positive addition to your office space. It allows you to hide away office tools and supplies that you don’t immediately need, instead of letting them clutter your desk and shelf space.

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