Carpets follow the style you chose for the interior design of your home: there are various kinds of rugs, with different forms, materials and colours, to be chosen following your taste and your home’s style – which, after all, is the same thing. Hence, the decorative design carpets can be suitable, for example, for a modern house: the straight and simple lines of the interior design will be completed with the modern style of the rugs, with more or less imaginative forms – with the modern carpets you can let your fantasy loose: fried eggs, grass, moon, sun, flowers and much more.

Then, the materials: while the classical rugs are made with wool or mixed materials, among the modern carpets you can find leather rugs, and their shape can be the classic shape of a carpet, rectangular, or alse round or animal-shaped, like in the case of the cow carpets.

If you’d rather keep your style between classic and antique, though going out of the schemes of the Persian, Chinese and other oriental carpets, you can choose an antique kilim or sumak carpet: you’ll find their peculiarity in the fact that they are not knotted, differently from image we commonly have of carpets.

The difference between kilim and sumak is that kilim rugs are reversible, while sumak rugs have a straight and a reverse: the woofs of sumac carpets are twisted on the warp, leaving the yarns free on the reverse every time the colour changes. The yearns of the woof are twisted taking four yarns of the warp and then going back of two. This makes them very thick, hence very resistant: kilim carpets as well are resistant, but their woof is thinner, because the yarn simply goes up and down the warp, so that there are no differences between one side and the other.

Hence, the choice of the carpet depends on the interior design, on how you use the room in which you want to put your rug, on the colours, on the effect you want to give to the room and, of course, on your taste. Once it becomes part of the interior design of the room, the carpet will be fully part of it, becoming a silent and discreet protagonist: taking it away the room will seem empty.

The care of the rugs, of course, is fundamental to keep them in a good state: depending on the kind of carpet, on the material, and even on its age you will have to take care of your carpet in a different way, hence the best thing you can do is to get informed directly at the store where you bought it, where the seller will surely be able to suggest you the best way to keep your new rug in an optimal state.

In case it should need being renovated, you should rely on a specialized store, maybe asking a suggestion where you bought it; the same thing if you need to wash it, most of all if you have a knotted carpet, which must be washed in a professional way not to be damaged.

The beauty of a carpet needs some cares to stay so; but taking care of your carpet you will have its warm and welcoming presence to warm up the room.


This article was written by Lia Contesso, with support from tapestries and textiles.
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