In essence there are two kinds of paints used for glass that you can apply. There is water based and non-water based paint.

Therefore if you decide to apply the non water based sort, you ought to use a ceramic thinner to weaken the paint with. Pay attention to your brushes though as they will have to be cleaned with a thinner, or even white spirit. They take quite a time to dry, usually perhaps more or less 2 hours, nevertheless to be completely dry anything up to 8 hours. so a bit of tolerance is needed.

If you try the water based paints which you do, in actual fact, dilute with water, cleaning will not be a great deal of a difficulty. Your brushes etc. may dry in more or less 20 minutes, but will not really be properly dry possibly for days.

For your guide lines, on glass you need to use an outliner, which does exactly that. Here you require a steady hand as you squeeze the paint from the tube to shape your lines. You can purchase them in a number of color shades, nevertheless there are a few main ones one can apply. Namely black, gold, silver, along with a kind of Grey.

These are almost certainly best if you paint them on to start with to mark out your actual pattern, or you might go on top of a painted surface to intensify some detail.

When you bring into play the outliner I always press a small piece out of the tube to start with in case it is blocked, or has some air bubbles. It is better if you make an effort to keep the top dirt free as you go along, to prevent making awfully thick lines.

You can too use leading tape. This is as a rule used on windows as well as doors. Usually this comes in a couple of widths and on a roll. In this situation the backing wants to be pulled off so that you can stick the tape to the glass and then try to bend it to make your design.

Glass does need to be prepared first to get rid of any grease from your surface, so that your paint will stick. You can use white spirit for this.

Now when you do get to paint inside your outlines with your brush, don’t be stingy with the paint! You should get a nice stained glass result. If you want a paler colour and you are using a water based paint, dilute it with water.

If, however, it is a non water based paint that you are using, you could use a gloss varnish. You will need to use a palette for your paint. I would not recommend that you go straight from the jar as you will not want your colours to get soiled or watered down.

If you have a large space to cover you could always draw on a sponge to put on the paint furthermore you could even now blend your colors despite the fact that they are wet.

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