For some people, decorating is simply buying the cheapest and throwing things together so that they look ‘okay’. Yet for increasingly more of us, okay simply is no longer good enough! We wish for our homes to truly represent who we are and to be stylised exactly how we desire.

This is because interior design itself is becoming far more accessible. No longer is it just something limited to people with eccentric tastes or art and design backgrounds. With now countless television programmes dedicated to the subject, let alone magazines, making your house truly your own personal entity is now something that many of us are now looking to do.

In essence, this is because whether we know it or not we all have our own personal styles. As you may have guessed, these vary for each and every one of us – someone else’s tastes may be radically different to your own. Yet truth be told that is part of the marvel of design – nothing is set stone. You can do whatever you like, as long as it is something you love the look then it does not matter!

More than likely however, your own personal tastes fit in to a certain style or ‘look’. For example you may find ultra modern styles gaudy and tacky, yet love more contemporary styling. As such it is simply a matter of finding items that match your personal preferences and working them in to your home.

This is often best done on a room by room basis. If you have already been living in your property for a while, you may have already started to add your own personal touches that make it truly your home. Yet for those of you who have only recently moved in to a property, or have added or are looking to redecorate a new room and exercise your design skills, you can really spend time making that new space a part of your home.

For example if you have newly added a conservatory to your home, or are looking to in the near future, then there are a whole host of design decisions you can take. Even if you have already had the conservatory itself built, there are countless chances to flex that design muscle! From the colour of the carpets, to the type of conservatory blinds you put in place, to each and every little object in the room itself. All of these things, from little to large, add a flourish and character to the room – making it truly a part of your own personal home.

Again, if you are new to design then stick to styles you already enjoy. Going back to the previous example, if you enjoy conservative design styles, then focus more on using refined looks, maybe using subtle colours and tying together these colours in multiple areas of the room. For example a contemporary style conservatory blind that matches or shares similar tones to say a rug would fit in perfectly. You may think these sorts of things make little difference, but with practise and fine-tuning everything will start coming together.

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