Foscarini EASY – Premium designed wall light




Actually, the name explains this wall lamp pretty well – it is easy to install, easy to fit into different interiors and easy to fall in love with; especially if you are an art and design lover, passionate about pure forms and minimalistic approach. FoscariniEasy has been a bestseller for years now, because it is brilliantly crafted and perfectly suitable for all kinds of interiors.


Premium design


Since 2007 Foscarini Easywall lampshave been present and adored across the globe. The design duo behind this concept includes Tito Toso and Pio Toso, who had a clear vision and a strong idea to create a design piece which will provide a soft, subtle light, and which is very easy to install and fit into different interiors at the same time. They came up with this idea of producing slim shaped wall lamps, which provide white light and are at the same time useful and decorative for both working and living spaces. You will notice that the glasswork is flawless. That is because these wall lamps are made of mouth blown glass which is a very difficult and highly acclaimed technique. They are also unique because the light they provide is a perfect mix/crossover of direct light (which can be very strong) and the mild diffused light. Easy became a well known bestseller and one of the most popular wall lamps produced and sold by Foscarini.


About Easy


Size: Foscarini Easy is a lightweight wall lamp. Easy to install and easy to fit into different spaces


Dimensions: 40x30x10 cm


Color variations: There are two options currently available – white and ivory


Color of the light: Easy provides bright white light (2900 k)


Bulb: There are two recommended options – halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps. For halogens use 1X150W and if you go with fluorescent use 2X18W


Why should you buy Foscarini Easy?


This is not another stand lamp or just another piece of designed furniture. Foscarini Easy is definitely a product which combines superior design, premium production quality and soft, cozy light. If you enjoy top quality brands, superb products and you love charming and laid back atmosphere in your living or working space – order your Easy now.

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