Driving to and from work, day to day tasks and simply travelling around, your car is somewhere you do find yourself spending a lot of your time. Therefore wouldnt it be a lot nicer if your car interior was clean resulting in it being a nice comfortable place to be. Not only will it add to your well being but it can also help your car function better. You dont want dust and dirt getting into any air vents or switches causing problems with your car. There are simple things that you can do to keep your car looking brand new and maintaining the new car freshness. You shouldnt have to feel uncomfortable in your own car so start looking after it today.

One way you can easily do this is by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces within your car. You can simply use a household cleaner to scrub any marks on the hard surfaces around drink holders and the dashboards. If cleaned up straight away and properly any muddy feet stains or spillages will never bother your car interior anymore and leave surfaces gleaming. For air conditioning or heater vents simply use a vacuum cleaner to ensure all dust and dirt is removed.

Another is by properly vacuuming and cleaning your carpets. Firstly you should always remove the floor mats within your car and shake them out properly to remove any unwanted bits of dirt. By vacuuming the mats and carpet of your car separately you can get a more thorough clean that will last for longer and keep your car looking new. Always make sure that you move the chairs in your car back and forward to get every last bit. You dont want to do a half job so by doing this your car will be extra clean. If you feel your carpet and mats are really dirty and normal carpet cleaner wont remove the stains you could always look at renting a steam cleaner that will thoroughly clean your carpets.

Finally, if your interior is cloth or leather you need to ensure they are kept clean. General scrubbing of any stains is one way in which you can make your seats more inviting to be sat in. For cloth interior you should use any household sprays and a hard brush to remove any stains they may contain however leather should not be treated in the same way. Try using a leather conditioner to keep it looking new.

So by following these simple tips your car can stay looking new for longer and be it will be a better environment to spend hours driving in. Also there are simple things you can do to keep your car clean like removing any rubbish from and not leaving any food or drink over night. Also just by not drinking or eating in your car can reduce the risks of any stains appearing. Which means keeping your car clean and fresh is a much easier job when it comes to cleaning.

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