Some of the most creative designers in the interior design business world can be found working as a team at Fundilondon, and hail from various geographical locations, boasting a broad spectrum of educational qualifications. With passion and ambition being the primary driving force, striving for the very best in the business, Fundilondon can be proud of the caliber of staff on board. Outstanding, creative talent is always a plus factor at Fundilondon, and such talent is constantly being head-hunted by the Fundilondon team.

With success guaranteed at the close of each project, the project is steered from beginning to end by the team of highly qualified professionals at Fundilondon. Customer is king, and Fundilondon will ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want, turning their vision into a reality.

Interior designer:

Fundilondons designs are sophisticated, graceful and elegant, subtle and timeless, whilst being sensitive to the desires of the individual. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials used is of the highest standard and of superior quality.

The in-house interior designer at Fundilondon is gifted and a true professional, who has worked on many internationally acclaimed interior design projects.
The interior designer utilizes a wide range of skills, including architecture, psychology, aesthetics, and product design to create the final result the client is looking for. Having worked in various internationally acclaimed interior design studios, Fundilondons in-house interior designer understands how to marry furniture, lighting, walls, partitions, flooring, colour, fabrics and graphics, culminating in an aesthetically pleasing result.

The job of the interior designer is to plan space allocations, building services, flow of traffic, furniture, fixtures and fittings, to mention a few of the tasks the designer would be in charge of.

Working alongside the client is an important aspect of the project, as it is imperative that the client realizes his or her vision at the end of the project.
For the number one London Interior design company that is both professional and sophisticated, look no further than Fundilondon, where you will get the very best service right from the outset of the project, to the handing over.

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love Louis Kahn Architect.