Good kitchen design is a skill that is very much in demand. Modern homes need to have kitchens that are both spacious and practical, and fitting this in around kitchen layouts and the other rooms in new build homes is a difficult process. Yet it is the kitchen, more than any other room, that sells a property. Likewise in your own home, good kitchen design can improve the resale value of your property by several thousands, simply as a result of layout and interior design. As such an important feature of your home, what makes kitchen design ‘good’, and how can you improve the appearance and organisation of your kitchen space?

A kitchen can tell something about the personality of the owner of the house to some extent. Style doesnt have to be compromised no matter how small your kitchen is. Allow me to give you some insights that you have to take into account in designing your kitchen.

The very first thing you need to do is to set your goal. Try to close your eyes and imagine the design that youd wish to accomplish for your kitchen. The first question youd have to answer is: What the theme of your design? Designs differ from one country to another, depending on the cultural influences and most especially the weather. You may not have thought about it, but designing your kitchen must have basis on the climate that your place has. You might find a good design that looks warm and cozy if your place is wintry all the time.

On the other hand if your place is sunny, and if it is tropical, then outdoor kitchen would catch the attention of your guests. Those wooden clutters that provide shade may be a good add- up to your design. Plus, you may want to consider tiles since they can provide a cooling effect to the kitchen too. It is paramount to consider what ambiance fits well with the weather that you are in whether youre going for Italian or Mediterranean. As soon as youve decided on the theme, then you can now narrow down your options.

Another important consideration is the space. A small space doesnt have to stop you from incorporating design into your kitchen. Generally, if you have a small space, an island is not preferable. This consumes so much of it. So probably a U or parallel is more appropriate. A typical of a U-shaped kitchen design is created by having parallel bars joined together by a sink or an oven range.

A few tips on maximizing the space is selecting the right color tones and appropriate lightings. Light -toned colors create an illusion of wide space and additional lighting to small dark corners does great wonders. The functionality of the kitchen is a one big consideration. You have to know what works well for you.

You might want to list the details of your design if youre confused. The appliances that youd want to have such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and storage cabinets. You may include in your list the fixtures, the design of your central lightings and so on.

Theres a slim chance that your kitchen would look disastrous as long as its well planned. Remember that simplicity and functionality holds the key.

Backsplash tile does not have to be expensive, you just need a little imagination and the right remodeling bathroom to make it look grand!