Staircase is an important area which also requires decoration like other parts of your house. Decorating a staircase with great interior design can be a showcase of your lifestyle and personality. Today with the help of interior designing you can give a complete makeover to your abode and envy your neighbors. Interior designing can completely transform your simple looking staircase into a marvelous area of the house. Listed below are some interior decoration tips for your staircase

Decorate the first stoop- it is a very small staircase but its importance cannot be ignored because it is used by everyone to enter in the house. To add more design and beauty to it, you may also put a board of welcoming people in your home or some nice thought or saying around it. Be creative with the colors you choose for the board, this would give defiantly impress guests before they into your house.

To make your stair case look attractive you may put various frames of painting and pictures of your family in staircase wall. You may use your favorite paintings or pictures on the wall but in order to make it organized it is advisable to have a theme, do not put paintings and pictures randomly, as it may look very odd and weird.

If you staircase is outside in the garden then putting different flowers pots ad other plants at the corner can make it look superb. To make your staircase look unique and attractive it is very crucial to put beautiful flower pots.  There are various kinds of flower pots available in the market; you should properly match pots with the exterior of your house. Do not go for cheap quality pots because they have very light color which can be easily washed away with one good shower of rain.

The other thing you can try for your staircase is to paint the runner. To paint the runner, you need to measure it from the wall inward and if you want to leave any part unpainted then you should block it by tape. But make sure the tape is tightened properly in order to avoid bleeding. Start painting the runner and leave it dry fro the second coat.

Your staircase could look very attractive if you add a beautiful banister to it. Instead of looking for a plain banister, find a decorative one. You could find different types of banister for staircase, mix and match the banister with the type of stairs you have. You could also take help from Internet and magazines which have different pictures of staircase with trendy banisters.

A rich and vibrant carpet runner can also add a great charm in your staircase. If you have cemented or wooden staircase in your house, then you can lay down a thick beautiful carpet runner on it carpet runners can also be used in carpeted or tiled stair case.

If you are a good painter, you may also paint a good design on your staircase wall. It would make your staircase look unique and stand out. However, if you do not have good hand painting then it is advisable to take help from professional painters.  

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