Painting is always fun especially if you can also make your own watercolor paints. Many people love painting and are always on a look out for various tips on water color painting and different ways of painting new and beautiful paintings. It is always a better option to make your own water color paint as this way you can make exactly the color that you require and you also save a lot of money which would otherwise have been spent on buying the colors. There are so many colors that appeal to the eyes and that are necessary for making your own wonderful paintings. Colors like red, green and blue are the basic colors which can be combined to make various other colors like yellow, orange, magenta, violet, brown, etc which are all known as secondary colors. Here are a few tips on how to make water color paint.

For making water color paints, there would be a few household items that you would require. The various ingredients required for making water color paints are 4 table spoons of baking soda, 2 table spoons of white vinegar, half tea spoon of glycerin which can be found at the nearest pharmacy shop, 2 table spoon cornstarch, food colorings like red, blue and yellow. For making water color paint, all you need to do is to follow some simple steps.

• Take a small bowl and mix the baking powder and vinegar. Keep mixing till the time mixture stops foaming.

• To this mixture, add the required amount of glycerin along with cornstarch and thoroughly stir it. Once you are done with the stirring, you can pour the contents of this mixture in to the paint box compartments or any other small containers which you can use for keeping your water color paints.

• Once you are done with the mixture, all you have to do is to add the different food colors and start experimenting with the individual containers. You can add one color in one container and you can also ass two colors in one container to find the end resultant as a secondary color. For instance, if you pour red and yellow in one of the containers, you will get the resultant color as orange. Similarly with red and blue, you will be able to form the color violet which is a very beautiful and royal color.

• Once you are done with making the colors, you can mix them thoroughly and preferably leave them overnight to get set and merge perfectly.

You can boast of your paintings along with the paints to be your own creations. As a tip, if you wish to have some great paint holders then Styrofoam egg cartons are the perfect paint holders because of their perfect finish.

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