Finding the right color of paint for a bedroom can be a difficult choice. When there are two or more people sharing a room, the decision becomes at least twice as hard. There are several different ways to decide on what color to paint a bedroom. Choose a base hue, then a trim. The trim can be a coordinating or contrasting shade. The final choice should be something that the occupant can handle looking at every day, regardless of their mood or the lighting in the room. Multiple occupants can compromise on one hue that is agreeable to all or perhaps try using an accent wall or trim color to appease all preferences. Factor in window treatments, flooring, bedding and furniture.

As a basic rule of thumb, choose wall color that visually blends in with bedroom furniture. For example, earth tones and jewel tones coordinate with most wooden furniture. Try shades of browns, greens, blues, burgundies and golds. Stark contrasts might be something to avoid. Pastels of yellow, blue, pink and green do not marry well with black bed frames, sofas, chairs and night tables. White goes well with anything except for white and very pale hues. This instead creates a washed out appearance.

Painting a bedroom the occupant’s favorite color can make the decision simple. Use collections by manufacturers to determine visually appealing trim and accent wall colors. Keep in mind that lighter colors make a room look bigger, while darker colors create a more compact appearance. Use prints on window treatments, bedding and furniture to accent and coordinate with the favorite color as well. Using all solid colors can be overwhelming, especially if they are close to the same shade.

The age bracket of the occupants plays a huge role in decisions. Infants attract pastel colors or baby decor color schemes of bright blocks, such as red, blue, green and yellow. Themed bedrooms are popular among school-age children. Cartoon and movie characters are commonly featured on bedroom elements. Painting the walls these hues helps the theme to blend in. Stenciled characters and wall hangings are popular accents for walls and doors. Teenagers and grown-ups have more interest in basic colors with textures for a more sophisticated look.

Use a virtual color selection application offered by a painting contractor or decorator to help get the process started. Personal preferences, mood, lifestyle and other factors will help determine which collections might be most appealing to the bedroom’s occupant. At the very least, it can suggest a starting point from among the thousands of different colors to paint a bedroom.

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