When it comes to lighting up the interiors, hardly any contemporary designer has the capability to inculcate provocative designs and humor as a part of his working methodologies like the famous interior designer Ingo Maurer. Ingo Maurer lighting is characteristically different from the others for its unique form and structure. This designer collection basically deals with free forms and psychedelic patterns and unconventional symbols. Each piece of Ingo Maurer lighting is uniquely created with an odd but, fantastic selection of materials. The innovative approach to the concept of theme lamps has received international acclamation and admiration. Won’t you love to decorate your interiors with such masterpieces too?

Ingo Maurer lighting is been responsible for illuminating thousands of interiors for over three decades. Energy efficient LED bulbs are used in their creation which is particularly helpful at time when it is speculated that under the Federal Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme green paper the cost of electricity is expected to rise by up to 16%. Include such fixtures to your home and let people admire your creative impulse in interior decoration while you save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Enjoy the chiaroscuro of light and darkness inside your home with interplay between form and function of light bulbs. But, to enhance its effects you must also decorate your appliances and furniture to the interiors in such a way so as to complement the light patterns in your home. The Ingo Maurer lighting is created with an exact philosophical calculus… each bend and curve in the design is accurately carved to tame the light energy to get the desired effect.

You just cannot buy genuine Ingo Maurer lighting from just anywhere. But, there are only a few online stores that deal with these rare pieces of art. It is highly advisable that you should buy Ingo Maurer lighting from authentic stores that deal with designer lighting fittings. These stores generally offer these lamps at reasonable rates. In addition, one of the major benefits of buying from such stores is that you can avail those at greatly discounted rates. So, whether it is a contemporary collection for the drawing room or a chic lighting fitting for the bathroom, Ingo Maurer designer collection has all the types and lots more…

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