Interior domes are used to adorn casinos, hotels, resorts, shopping centers, and even private homes. Because Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer domes and GRG domes are much more lightweight than architectural domes crafted of traditional materials, installation is faster and easier than it was in the past. GRG domes are so thin and light that many can even be suspended from ceilings with screws, hangar wire, or threaded rod. Creating a fabulous look with these materials is also easy. Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer domes can be cast into almost any form and can mimic an array of materials, while GRG domes are available in a special paintable finish. Even the most superb architectural domes can be enhanced, however. The following are just a few possible embellishments.


Domes in grand restaurants and lobbies can be made even more beautiful by installing chandeliers. These beautiful elements often feature elaborate designs, and the light they give off can make interior domes containing stained or translucent glass even more enchanting.


Whether modern, religious, or classical, artwork is a very effective way to enhance interior domes. Always consider the overall theme of the space before deciding on the type of art or abstract pattern that should be used to decorate Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer domes or GRG domes.

Natural Light

Some of history’s most famous domes made use of small or large amounts of natural light, and the results were truly amazing. Placing clear windows in architectural domes can make indoor spaces brighter, and stained glass can scatter intricate patterns of multi-colored rays throughout an indoor space.

Architectural Columns

Columns are a very effective way to encourage guests, customers, and visitors to take note of architectural domes. They can be used to surround and frame architectural domes. Columns can also be used as transitions between floors and interior domes; grand column capitals and the openings of interior domes, when relatively close together, can work as unified elements in an indoor space.

Medallions and Rosettes

These decorative elements work well with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer domes and GRG domes. Medallions and rosettes are ornamental features that can be attached to interior domes to provide variations in texture and appearance. Some manufacturers that produce Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer domes and GRG domes also make medallions and rosettes, which is beneficial since designs can be developed completely before interior domes are manufactured or installed. Some types of medallions that can be used to decorate interior domes include those featuring geometric shapes, flower motifs, animal designs, or abstract patterns.

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