So the day has come when you have to take a brush, mix up a motley of colors and start painting the walls of your home or office. Wait a minute! Don’t you do that every year (or at least once in a few years)? What’s new about this time? May be nothing. May be, you like to go for the same old color which has been draping your walls for years. But this time, you are welcome to do something different, something out of the blue that would definitely fish for compliments. Painting your house is an important ritual; your house can just come alive with the right kind of interior paint colors, combinations of varied hues and perfect interior décor. So, you would definitely want to give some serious thoughts while choosing the color combinations for your house. Let’s take a look at the colors which are ‘in’ this year and are some of the most popular interior paint colors.

Interior Paint Colors: Combinations of Colors

Interior painting is an interesting task when you have done everything right, that is, you have shopped for the right kind of paint, got the matching wallpaper and suitable lighting etc; then it would be just picture perfect for you. For this to happen, you should know a thing or two about picking paint colors. Colors are graded into two kinds, one set is clubbed as hot colors and the other set is called as the chill colors. The hot colors may not be everyone’s cup of tea. On the contrary, you might be just the person whose walls can be animated with the right color of green or deep ocean blue. The chill colors may give a soothingness to the whole décor of the room. Pink, white, peach are all those colors whose combination have been tried and tested by many people. For more on wall painting, read: wall paint ideas.

Hot Colors: Red is the hottest of all colors. It sure can make anyone sit up and notice. Although, as a paint color, you might want to avoid it as it can be pretty harsh to the eyes. Mix it with peach, white or any other light color to get a lighter shade of scarlet or crimson. Yellow is another color which will give warmth and calmness. These days, golden shades of yellow are making the headlines in the niche of interior paint colors. Combinations of yellow with orange, green or red can give an trichromatic effect to your room. Violet, gray or turquoise are some of the other colors which may add grandeur and luminance to the walls. Brass, khaki colors, chestnut or even terra cotta are some popular interior paint colors.