Painting the interior of your home can be an exciting and inspiring time for the whole family…even the pets. Changing the look of the interior of your home can prove to be the rallying cry that brings all the family members together for the common good. And when it comes to interior decorating no one aspect of decorating can make such a profound statement as changing the color(s) or even simply renewing your existing color scheme. Whatever the case nothing makes a more dramatic statement as newly painted walls, ceilings, doors and trim. So fasten your seat belt, or should I say unfasten your seat belt and let’s begin the journey.


In order to do a really good job painting the interior of your home and for that matter, the exterior as well, you will need to invest in quality tools. Tools that will help you do your job better and quicker without a lot of additional problems. So I recommend you purchase first rate tools instead of a low grade economy lines that are priced lower. Take my advice and avoid falling into the same pit holes as I did before I learned the hard way that purchasing quality tools and quality equipment will not only help you do a better job quicker but it will also save you money in the long run.

When painting always use a good paint brush that’s manufactured by a well known and highly respected company. You will be amazed at the results you will get simply by doing this. Whether it’s a synthetic bristle brush or a china/natural bristle brush, just make sure it is a quality brush. You may have to pay more but again, it is well with it. Trust me.

You will also need a roller frame, roller nap and an extension pole that screws into the bottom of the roller frame to enable you to reach high places like your ceilings and to also give your more leverage when you’re rolling your walls as well. Here again, quality is the operative word. Be sure and purchase a roller frame that is solid and built strong enough to withstand the pressure you will exert on it while rolling your ceilings and walls.

When it comes to choosing a roller cover be sure to get one that is suitable for the type of paint you will be using and for the type of surface you will be painting. For instance, roller covers are made out of different materials and for rolling different substrates. The thickness of the roller nap is generally referred to as the nap or pile. When rolling very smooth surfaces it is better to use a relatively close/thin nap with fibers that are no longer than 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick. Roller covers like this rarely gives a textured appearance, however, for semi-smooth to medium rough substrates you will do well to choose a roller cover with its nap ranging from a 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick, and these naps will do a better job of covering medium to rough surfaces as opposed to covers with shorter nap.

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