Interior wall painting ideas are a lot to choose from. But in this article we shall discuss a few of the more popular ones. Are you a single professional living in an apartment all by yourself? Or are you a married couple looking for some homely style? In both these cases, your choice of wall painting will differ. In this article, we shall discuss some of the recent developments in the school of wall painting that you can try by yourself. They are fun!

Now professional looking results are not all that hard to achieve. But do not give a lot of importance to the exact copy of professional designs that you desire to emulate. The same pattern cannot be created repeatedly. So do not be over critical of your performance. There are many interior wall painting ideas that are fun and easy to do. Here are some of them.

One of the interior wall painting ideas is the concept of rag painting. It has a very cool look and you can try it at home. Rag painting involves the wetting of a rag with a paint of your choice that you want to see on the wall. Remove the excess paint and dab it to the wall.

After some point when the paint runs out, reapply the paint. Use slight pressure while doing this. Gradually the rag will become saturated with paint. Then replace it with another rag. With a simple process as this, it is possible to make your paint job seem like marble wallpaper.

You can also try out sponge painting. In this type of painting natural sponges are used. They are dipped in colors and then dabbed on the face of the wall. Make sure that you try out the pattern on a rough scale before applying it on the wall. Use random movements and make sure the sponge is turned in every possible direction. This gives rise to an indiscriminate pattern.

These interior wall painting ideas are not only cheap, they are also unique and fun to do. Whether you do it with your family or alone, it can be a very refreshing experience. Try these interior wall painting ideas today.

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