Beauty of the home interior is an integral aspect of home designing. A well designed home imparts a well organised and beautiful home. Hence, choosing each building material is an extremely tiring and time consuming job. There are huge varieties of tiles present today in the market, but not each of them is as good performer as they claim to be. However, if tiles are chosen carefully you can surely get tiles that can meet the level of your expectations and of course your need. If you are hunting for a classy tile Granite is an ultimate choice. There are great varieties of granite stones and each of them is marvellous in its own terms.

Defining the beauty of Granite is a tough job. Its diversity of range and application make it an extraordinary building material. This form of tile can be found anywhere around as they are now the favourite building material for builders today. It is not just the beauty that attracts millions and millions of user world wide, but it is its wide range of application areas as well as its other practically useful features that make it a wonderful tile to use. Where it is widely used as floor tile there are many other uses.

As a floor tile it is extremely durable and can carry its beauty in long run. Moreover, in whatever way you use, they will never dishearten you in terms of its beauty. Hence, it is used in shopping malls and luxury interiors. Year after years these tiles keep on shinning and glowing, no matter how they are treated. Hence, Granite tiles are mostly preferred for those areas where heavy foot traffic is accepted. Other than that, granite tiles are also used as countertops. Being extremely durable and long lasting, they are a good player in making kitchen countertop.

As far its colour variety is concerned, Granite provides plenty of colour choices to its customers. Where grey, brown and green shades are getting popularity, black is categorised as a royal choice. Black is preferable as floor tile as well as countertop. As the colour is less prone to dirt and stains, it is more preferable for designing home interiors. There are many other ranges of shades in between the given shades, which can be chosen according to the requirement. To lift the beauty of the home you dont need to do anything other than choosing an appropriate Granite tiles for your home.

Raqib Ahmad has volunteered his services for many organisations with his creative expressions in the interior design field, he has also written various articles on different types of tiles and its best suitable uses. This article is about Granite Tiles.