Do you aspire to design a luxury kitchen? Do you want your kitchen to reflect the rest of your home in elegance and style? What you need is advice on the latest trends so that you can create that perfect environment. There many are new luxury kitchen trends breaking through this year so make sure you are ahead of the crowd.

You want the perfect tailored, custom built luxury kitchen, but with so many design inspirations out there, where do you start? To fully form a style of your own isn’t easy, but there is plenty of advice regarding techniques and features available to help develop that luxury space.

‘At-home’ is currently a key emerging trend; Minimalist spaces in the kitchen are making way for designs with a warmer focus and a stronger sense of grounding. Features to enhance this look include the return of wood to the luxury kitchen, especially dark wood. Circular units combined with light coloured work surfaces are another aspect of design you could decide to focus on.

Wood styles, designs and grains provide a backdrop and a background of elegance to mix with luxurious features. Wence, rosewood and maple are grains that can give that brilliant rich homely feeling. Add circular fittings and islands to establish a clean and effortlessly classy style. Incorporate these elements and you’re on your way to a wonderfully modern kitchen design.

Intelligence and design should be intertwined to effectively create a luxurious atmosphere. The kitchen’s features need to suit you and your individual lifestyle in terms of appliances and logistics otherwise your luxury kitchen will lack the energy found only in personalised design. High-performing equipment is a must, and solutions can be found in stainless steel which can be built according to your taste.

Create warmth and usability with your appliances. Bespoke and tailored application will result in a kitchen which responds to all your needs. The kitchen nowadays works hard and it has to provide comfort, a slick cooking space as well as offering a spot to entertain.

Energy-efficiency and sustainability is another kitchen trend emerging right now. Green products and designs are where the future lies and we will see many more cabinets made from materials such as FSC timbers as this trend continues.

Follow the trends and apply the techniques to deliver your dream luxury kitchen. Create your perfect environment that you’ll be proud of. Live your elegant experience every day by combining contemporary touches to a functional ‘at-home’ feel. Life is all about dreaming and aspiring for more, so make your luxury kitchen a reality.

Bill Weston writes on a number of subjects including luxury bathroom design and luxury kitchen design.

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