Designer Home lighting is not just a way to illuminate your home, but also a way to add character and style to your home. If you have a theme in mind for your interior design, at the very least, it means that you need to ensure that the light fixtures for the home match the style you have chosen.

Suppose you want to give your living room a vintage feel, ensure that the entire light fixture in your living room, including the chandelier, follows the era that the rest of the dcor is based on. Electric light fixtures that have been made for old fashioned lamps are a perfect example of how the right light fixture can ensure that its interiors are cohesive in theme. You can also ensure a vintage feel by adding wrought iron light fixtures for the home.

If you are aiming to achieve a modern home it should be reflected in the way you plan your modern home lighting. Some of the aspects that make your designer home lighting plan more modern are the use of understated lighting fixtures that are geometrical and stark. Keep the light fixture in the home simple and made up of clean shapes. A dimmer switch is a very good lighting accessory if you are trying to achieve modern mood lighting.

If the ambiance that you are trying to create with your designer home lighting is romantic, you will need a combination of hard and soft lighting. Hard overhead lights that will be used for working should be complimented by stylish table lamps that will throw a healthy glow in nooks and niches and can be turned on when you want to set the mood. Artistic wall sconces can also be a good source of soft light that can compliment the hard light of your living room chandelier.