interior design, interior design As an integrated discipline , involving a great many of the six interfacial plane planning the decoration is only part of , first the furniture select and design styles organic blending together , mutual contrast. Its purpose is to interior space create a good background environment , using it to bring out the furniture, furnishings, green decorative , but the real protagonist should be a living one , all decorations are to serve, is based , Do not distracting , into the over- decoration the design errors . Good room renovation design and the high cost of is not proportional to , according to a personalized, practical room environment for new design, bold use of color relationship variation to create a warm , generous living room style. To create a “fashion “and” personalized “environment , the focus is not only hexahedral decoration, the main should be placed on and decoration of style supporting the furniture, furnishings, soft furnishings of the design.

Home decor Floorplanning The color is a dominate interior design visual effects the soul of . Present-day people life, requirements of rich , taste different, some like classical , some pursuit of avant-garde , but it is in fashion or light, plain , are inseparable from of life the color the pursuit of . Rational use of color , not only can adjust the atmosphere , but also the finishing touch , but also reflects the cultural taste. For example, of a room entering the decoration before , in the living room color can be chosen stable, rich , such as purple , kelp , light gray , etc. , as space a large color , it was the living and hospitality space, both the restaurant features. should be Grass green , black , dark blue, brown, ocher and other colors in the study because the study is one meditation open and read , where they floorplanning the color of can make quiet is able to create Office Design Study the unique taste. bedroom You can use a dark pattern wallpaper designed to stop people warm, sleeping means , and, dark wallpaper, but also gives a safe, strong feeling, the wallpaper itself, the texture of but also gives a soft, warm feeling.

human services This is the Interior Design The cornerstone. interior design The purpose of through the creation of interior space environment human services, designers always need to one of the indoor environment request , including substance use and mental both , on the design of the first. To ensure people’s safety and health as the core design . Modern interior design (interior design) need to meet people’s physical, psychological and other requirements , a comprehensive to plane plan deal with people and the environment , interpersonal and many other relationship, therefore, modern interior design ( interiro design ) special attention to human engineering, environmental psychology, the aesthetic psychology and other aspects of to scientific and in-depth understanding of people’s physical characteristics , behavior psychological and visual perception and other aspects of interior the office design and decoration of environment design requirements.

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