Paint stripping and in particular stripping paint off wood is one of the least exiting jobs to do and is often avoided. The thought of using chemicals and naked heat is enough to put any individual off doing the task. Quick solutions often involve just painting over old paint to hide the problem.

So I want to tell you how easy paint stripping can be when the right solution is applied to the task of removing paint. There is an innovative new product on the market which makes the task more bearable and that is an Infra red heat gun. The infrared paint stripper harnesses radiant heat to gently, quickly and very efficiently make removing paint a far easier job.

An indra red heat gun can be used on:

– putty removal as it softens both the paint and the putty at the same time limiting the risk of breaking window glass
– removing floor paint from wooden boards and also removing old lino glue
– stripping furniture for restoration purposes or even just to bring out the natural wood
– varnish removal from floors, doors, windows, furniture or boats
– killing mold and fungi held deep within wood.

The infrared heat softens paint quickly and effectively, making it easier to scrape off. It has been tested at a College of Vocational Excellence where the heat gun removed over 200 layers of paint or varnish in as little as 30 seconds. Not only will it remove paint but will leave the wooden substrate completely clean and dry so you can immediately paint with either a minimal or no sanding required, now that can save a lot of time.

Not only is the device a time-saver when paint stripping but using the many accessories adds to the convenience. There are hands free devices allowing the user to take paint off by mounting the gun on a stand so you can use both hands

Paint stripping with an infra red gun is especially beneficial on older buildings where it is recommended because the paint is removed using a gentle process and actually rejuvenating wooden substrate making it the most environmentally friendly way of stripping paint.

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