Like most cities, Puerto Vallarta vacation rental gets its personality from the variety of unique and distinctive neighborhoods that come together to create this special spot on Banderas Bay in Mexico. Your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental, for example, might be in one of the quiet, elegant residential areas on the South Side, a short taxi ride yet worlds away from El Centro, one of the city’s oldest and liveliest districts.

El Centro is where the city got its start, and this is where you’ll discover a charming mixture of traditional public spaces, art galleries and modern entertainment venues (i.e. party people places). Distance lets you spend your days eating, drinking and making merry in El Centro, then retreat to the comfort of your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental for a night of peaceful sleep.

Become an Explorer

Of course, El Centro isn’t all party, all the time. It does offer an element of high culture for visitors who seek it out – and you don’t have to be a gifted explorer to find it. The city’s center is a hot spot for some genuinely fine art galleries that offer an eclectic assortment of works.

Plenty of locals spend their artsy time at Galeria Uno, a high-end gallery that features the art of several widely recognized international artists. The permanent collection includes the work of Vladmir Cora, Ada Colorina, and Andrade. You can ask the staff anything – they know their stuff. You’ll find Galeria Uno at Morelos 561.

Galeria des Artistes at Leona Vicario 248, offers an exciting mix of traditional and contemporary art work created by well-known artists and relative newcomers. You’re certain to appreciate their collection of Boren, Orozco, Rivera and Coronel, but don’t let your fascination cause you to overlook the smaller decorative pieces on display.

Fans of photographic art will enjoy browsing the collection at Galeria Omar Alonso. They are one of the city’s leading dealers in contemporary art, and their specialty is black-and-white photography. See the work of artists Rodrigo Moya, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Wouter Deruyter, and Flor Garduno among others. Galeria Omar Alonso is located at Leona Vicarion 249 in El Centro.

To get a comprehensive feel for Mexican art, you need to spend time with some of Mexico’s traditional art forms, created by native artists. Peyote People, at Juarez 222 in El Centro, features the folk art of the Huichol, an indigenous community in northern Jalisco. And the Galeria Mata Ortiz, at Lazaro Cardenas 268A, features the beautifully styled pottery created by residents of Mata Ortiz.

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