Paint is one of the worst types of stains to remove. Why? Well, no matter what you do to clean wet paint from carpet, it expands. Whether you blot, rub or rinse, it does not matter! The paint spot is going to expand.

The worst mistake people make when trying to remove wet paint is they use water! Most household paints are water based paint. When you add water it breaks down the paint structure and it starts to run. The other is that they rub the wet paint and it sets into the carpet fiber and backing. You will then be replacing the carpet. Some people recommend paint thinner to remove wet paint from carpet. This is going to cause the same problem as water. Solvents break down the paint structure allowing it to spread into the carpet fibers. This will make the process worse!

A good way to remove wet paint from carpet is to use carpet paint removers with a hot water extractor. Yes, a hot water extractor! The difference is a hot water extractor uses water to break the paint down and then uses high-powered suction to remove the paint residue. This process works immediately! The power from the machine is what actually cleans the carpet. The bottom line, you must have high powered suction to remove the wet paint properly.

Here are some tips:

First, you will need some tools. Here is a list of the tools needed to get the job done.

Wet/Dry Vacuum or Hot Water Extractor
Spray Bottle
Paint Remover (made for carpet) some carpet supplies can be purchased at your local hardware store. If not, try your local carpet supply company.
Dry Cloth

The size of the paint stain does not matter with this process. It’s still the same! Here is the step by step process to remove the paint stain.

Take the carpet solution (you purchased) and mix properly. Be sure to read the instructions! Most solvents need to be used in a well ventilated area. Once you have mixed the solution properly pour into the spray bottle.
Spray the solution onto the paint surface (4-5) sprays is all you need. If not, spray until you have achieved desired results. Let the solution soak for a few minutes. DO NOT RUB!
Turn on the wet/dry vacuum and use the suction power to remove the paint from the carpet. The paint will be thinned out from the solution you sprayed on earlier. Be sure to let the vacuum do the work! Do not rub the vacuum head across the paint stain! Just place the vacuum head onto the stain.
Continue this total process until you achieved the desired results.
Use the dry cloth to blot dry.

Brent Cone is the owner of Aqualux Carpet Cleaning.
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