Roll top desk is a 19th century reworking of the pedestal desk, with, in addition, a series of stacked compartments, shelves, drawers and hooks in front of the users. In contrast to these the compartments and the desktop surface of a roll top desk can be covered by means of wooden slats that roll or slide through slots in the raised sides of the desk. In that, it is a descendant in function, and partly in form, of the cylinder desk of the 18th century.

Here are some features of roll top desk:

• Usually made of wood like solid oak, cherry, mahogany etc.
• Sometimes fitted with wheels so that they can be moved around the house.
• By rolling the top down, it can be converted into a normal piece of furniture.
• Have raised panel slides or solid ply backs, and can be fitted with additional storage files and other drawers.
• A door can be fitted for the CPU and the printer.
• Slots can be provided for other accessories e.g. CDs, documents, web cam etc.

The greatest advantage of roll top desk is that it is most useful if it in a public domain like living room or library or other places where a gathering is supposed to take place. Another great feature is that roll top desks- be it an oak or cherry or mahogany- are often provided with locks to protect from damage or theft. The rolling top also prevents dust from collecting on the desk and minimizes the time and effort required for cleaning and maintenance.

The roll top desk was the mostly used furniture of this category in small and medium sized offices at the end of 19th century and in the beginning of 20th. Because it was produced in vast numbers and varying levels of quality, this kind of desk is popular at the antique market. It is also popular amongst set decorators who want to recreate the “ambiance” of an office at the turn of the previous two centuries, or during famous eras like prohibition. As they can bee designed or produced in a customized way according to the user’s choice, roll top desk is a sure satisfaction for decorating the interior even with a limited budget.

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