Some of the world-renowned fashion designers are crossing runways to show what they’ve got in showrooms. After making a name in fashion, fashion icons like Ralph Lauren and Armani Casa – Missoni have proved their versatile talents in design by making home décor and other lifestyle homewares more functional and more pleasant to the eyes.

Ralph Lauren has been a big name in the fashion industry not just in London, but all across the globe. His line is best known for its highly fashionable clothes for men, women, and kids. In the early 90’s, he decided to expand into the fashion homewares industry. Since then, Ralph Lauren has been making beautiful home decors that will make every house a sanctuary. Ralph Lauren first released its paint collections. The brand’s Candle Light collection featured unique and highly elegant shades and patterns. It features flickering candle light ambiance that gives every home interior a very relaxing appeal. If you’re a fan of the “more natural” and clean look, the Suede collection could be your perfect option. It features the natural work of human hands. On the other hand, the River Rock collection is perfect for homeowners who want to go for the Zen ambiance. It offers the feel of flowing rivers and rocks right inside the comforts of your own home. Aside from paint, Ralph Lauren also ventured into fixtures and other lifestyle homewares accessories. Now, the store has become a one-stop shop for all home needs – trimmings, fabrics, furniture, lighting, beddings, hardware, and home scents. Homeowners who aim to live in more luxurious should definitely get a home piece from this brand.

In the case of Armani Casa – Missoni, the idea to venture into the home business happened when clients who bought his fashion pieces like clothes and accessories also sought for advice on how to style homes. The fashion legend was confident enough that they could cross from being merely a clothing line to a home décor business by continuously holding on to the values and taste that the brand has offered its customer base. In short, everything that one can expect from an Armani suit can also be found in Armani’s fashion homewares – sumptuous fabrics, beddings, curtains, and other home accessories. Every Armani home piece is sure to give every homeowner his well-deserved space – a sanctuary that he comes home to every day.

Ralph Lauren and Armani are two great talents who have braved the move from runways to showrooms. Give your homes a touch of these bright minds!

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Visit us at Pink Paper Rock for the latest in home fashion, bargains and treasures for the home.