Evergreen trees and shrubs provide an abundant source for decorating. Branches and twigs cut from evergreen spruces, pines, cedars and more are easy to use and look great from early in the season and throughout the remainder of the Winter. Evergreen boughs are an obvious choice for crafting Christmas and seasonal wreaths, but the sturdy, long lasting boughs can be used in many other ways as well. Make a striking container arrangement for inside or outside the home by standing boughs in interesting metal buckets or baskets. Small twigs of spruce or another evergreen placed in vases around the home add natural seasonal décor. Accent with a bit of ribbon wired to floral wire and sticks, add small decorations or leave plain. Fresh greenery gives you the added benefit of wonderful smelling decorations, too.
While harvesting your evergreens, look to the ground. Princess Pine, or Princess of the Pine as it may be called, is often found growing on the floor of the woods below evergreen stands. Princess Pine grows between four and six inches tall. Resembling a miniature tree, Princess Pine is much softer than the branches of spruces and pines. One central stem has several small “branches” stemming from it. Princess Pine is often used for making Christmas wreaths. Its softness and flexibility make Princess Pine somewhat more comfortable to work with. Princess Pine makes a nice filler for basket displays and small vase arrangements.
Do not forget your gardens and shrubs for Winter evergreens. There are many varieties of shrubs and ground covers that remain green through the winter, and retain their green color for a long time when used dried in home accents. Trimmings from Boxwood shrubs, Holly, creeping Periwinkle (a popular garden and landscape groundcover) and Ivy are just a few sources for decorative greens you may find in your own front yard.