You paid big bucks for that 4 wheel drive beauty in your driveway and now that you have it why not keep it looking nice. If you aren’t motivated by pride to keep it nice then maybe the thought of greater trade-in value will help.

Review Kelly Blue Book at to see the true dollar value of a trade-in vehicle in excellent condition and compare that to a trade-in vehicle in poor condition. The difference in vehicle value is staggering. The good news is that with a little bit of planning and care, it is easy to keep your vehicle in above-average condition. Start today to protect your vehicle, giving it a longer life, greater value, and an extended showroom appearance.

The SUV interior area takes a lot of abuse and the sooner you protect that area the better it is for the vehicle life and your overall disposition. There are suv accessories that can do just that.

Start with floor protection. This is the area that gets the most wear and tear. The everyday grinding into the mats of road debris, snow, and spilled drinks, takes its toll on any factory mat. Do something now and save those factory mats for trade-in time.

Protect the floor with a good custom molded plastic mat that will capture the gunk from your shoes and keep it contained. Husky Liners are a good choice for plastic liner protection. If you want good looks and protection, then Nifty CatchAlls are a good choice. The fused carpet to a rubber backing gives the benefit of protection with good looks. Certainly there are the standard rubber mats, or perhaps you want a vinyl see thru protector even that is available. If the carpet does show wear and needs replacing then Lloyd Mats or Avery’s are good choices. Both have a multitude of color choices and are custom fit mats.

Consider seat covers in the very beginning of your SUV ownership to preserve the original seats. The seats take a lot of abuse each time you get in to drive. If you have kids involved those seats break down a lot sooner. It has always amazed me the speed at which a child can wear out a car. Covercraft and Elegant are great choices for replacement seat covers. They are priced right, have patterns that are exact fit, and have a variety of fabrics to choose.

The third and final thing to think about is the rear cargo area. Turn around and look at what you pack in there. Sports equipment, camping gear, the family pooch, garden supplies, and whatever. This attitude will take its toll and ruin what, with a little bit of care, can remain a nice looking part of your vehicle. Cargo liners are made for the floor only, or for the floor and wall area. If you plan to travel with a dog and are concerned about the side walls then a CargoLiner would be the right choice. If it is just messy sports equipment then the CanvasBack is your choice. And if you plan to haul firework look into the HatchBag for total protection.

With proper care in the beginning your SUV will give you years of service and be more valuable at trade-in time.

Sporto Motoring Accessories a provider of SUV interior accessories employs Ken Geere the writer.