Leopard print is the most predominant stripes to enter the latest trend of a wild look.Along with the other safari theme prints like zebra stripes, giraffe spots, Dalmatian spots and tiger stripes the leopard prints give an elegant and sophisticated look usually ininterior designs.Althoughleopard prints don’t normally suit to all personalitiesstill it blend depending on style and attitudeyou have.

Often, we leave leopard print designs for those who are trendy, wild and wacky personalities butthese arenotall for them. Leopard prints will also give you a classy and sophisticated look. In short, there are two attitudes that you can meet in balance, one for the wild side while the other is for sophistication.

Now, you can take your step in trying to bring in the leopard prints into your room as a design. For that, learn the following tips below to help you set up the wild side of your bedroom.

Tip 1-The theme. This is the first consideration in choosing designs for your bedroom.We have learned that different kinds of people have different preference or taste and that’s where you can work on the theme.But in this case, leopard prints will help you meet the halfway.At first glance, leopard prints will give you an impression of a wild attitude butwhen you have work on the color, bed lines and accessories this wild look can be neutralized.

Tip 2-The color. The color works magic on the tone of your bedroom design. It can even work to ways for your bedroom size, it can either make it look spacious or crowded.For this reason, it is suggested that you would paint your wall with neutral colors to emphasize and neutralize the leopard prints that you will be adding to perfect the theme of your designparticularly the bed linens.

Tip 4-The Bed linens. Bed linens often carry the drama, attitude and tone of the bedroom design.Since the theme is about the wild and leopard prints are best for this theme, you can choose to cover your bed with leopardprintcomforters, leopardprintbeddings and leopardprintpillow cases.Make sure to get the good quality type of bed linens those are usually made of cotton,silk, satin and wool. If you are in a warmer climate, and then choose those linens that are made of cotton or silk it will give you comfortbecause these materials are appropriate for such climate.Otherwise, if you are in colder climate then, linens made of wool are best for you.

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