Particularly useful for various companies based in Leeds as it easily demonstrates business creativity. You can also add an extra wow factor by including a number of beneficial facilities to the Leeds office, as well as helping to motivate employees and increasing the monetary value of the business.

However, an array of Leeds based businesses have already realised the benefits of this, so it may seem a chore to try and develop a unique style. Therefore, have provided me with 4 tips to help with getting the most out of your Leeds office design – both monetarily and stylistically.

1. Provide wireless internet to visiting clients: The internet is a vital part of the majority of businesses today; however cable connections are still preferred by some Leeds companies instead of a wireless signal. While a cable connection is easier and sometimes safer than wireless, it is somewhat unimpressive for clients – particularly as a number of them will use smartphones that can connect to the internet, usually on a wi-fi method.

Whilst it might not seem a lot, most clients would be impressed and grateful to surf the internet at your offices – however it is vital to protect an unprotected network, as other unverified users could leech it, but with careful planning and protection, it can provide a good service for clients. Clients will then be able to use online software and check all of their e-mails, which could help speed up the business agreement process, providing a significant benefit to your company.

2. Art and sculptures: A large number of Leeds offices unfortunately have bare walls, lacking diversity and colour which shows a severe lack of imagination. Your choice of decor will probably depend on the type of industry you are in – a media company will focus on bright colours and expressive artwork, however Leeds is the location of key design companies that are experts at designing Leeds office space. In fact, a significant amount of serviced offices Leeds from has had their interiors fully designed by leading Leeds tradesmen and designers.

3. Style the office around company motifs: The client is already there so why bother reiterating the company name? Basically, repetition is the ideal to make a name stick in a clients mind and a themed office will be instantly memorable and create a lasting impression. This can be seen in a number of offices such as Twitter, who base an office colour scheme on their website, as well as emblazoning the walls with the company logo. It can help to put previous work or reviews on the walls, as this can reinforce the positive results that the company has created.

4. Workplace should be open plan: An open plan is one of the most effective ways to impress clients as well as strengthen staff relationships and make use of office space. Particularly useful for smaller companies or SMEs, making use of the office space to spread staff around is advantageous, as this shows that the company is confident and smart. It helps to show a flexible nature and creative flair – which are vital to business growth.

These are not the definitive facts and it is up to your company to fit out your Leeds office environment in the best and most effective way to suit your business. There are some useful tips to think of and will help to maximise the potential of your business.

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