LED or light emitting diode, is the 21st century the largest and most active high-tech industries. This paper tries to explore the development trend of indoor lighting LED technology to enhance the key, hoping the joint efforts of the industry, China’s LED industry for the healthy and orderly development, serve.


 According to Strategies Unlimited statistics, the next five years, the development of LED interior lighting trend for exponential growth. It is estimated that by 2011, its output value will reach billions of dollars. This LED interior lighting is both an opportunity and a challenge. According to interior LED lighting techniques to enhance the development trend, the key is very necessary.

 First, the classification of indoor lighting

 1. In accordance with the manner prescribed classification

 (1) Direct lighting

 The so-called direct lighting is the light by light injection, 90% -100% of the flux assumed to reach the working surface, produced a strong light contrast and vivid lighting effects, may face in the entire environment highlights the leading position of the main for the workplace.

 (2) semi-direct lighting

 The so-called semi-direct lighting is made of translucent material covering the light shade top, making 60% -90% of the light focused fired face, in addition, have enclosed the light in the proportion of 10% -40% by The spread upward diffuse translucent shade. The lighting method produces relatively light soft diffuse light up the building can increase the sense of space, mainly applied to the lower height of the room.

 (3) indirect lighting

 The so-called indirect lighting is the light shielding and the indirect light illumination mode, in which 90% -100% of the flux through the ceiling or wall of the reflex in the face, leaving less than 10% of the light is directly irradiated in work surface. In general, this way of lighting, and other lighting methods only after use can be achieved with special artistic effects, mainly used in shopping malls, clothing shops, meeting rooms.

 (4) Semi-indirect lighting

 Relative to the semi-direct lighting approach, the semi-indirect lighting approach is a completely opposite way of lighting, specifically, the translucent light shade mounted on the bottom, make light of shooting more than 60% flat top, creating an indirect light source the remaining 10% -40% of the light is spread by the shade down. This approach can produce the lighting effect more obvious, so that more low increased to some extent a sense of the room. Mainly applicable to smaller residential part of space, such as the lobby, corridor and so on.

 (5) diffuse lighting mode

 Diffuse illumination method is the use of functions to control the refraction of light glare, which will diffuse the light to spread around. In general, two forms of this light, a light from the lamp is fired by the topping-out catchy reflection on both sides spread from the translucent shade, while the lower spread from the grill. The other is to use translucent shade to diffuse the light generated all closed. Light produced by this type of lighting is visually comfortable, suitable for bedrooms, guest rooms.

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