On the other hand, if you are planning to paint your garage floor, your choices are concrete floor paint which are oil based, epoxy, latex, or polyurethane. Although these were formulated for concrete floors, bear in mind that there are factors that might affect the longevity and effectiveness of the paint; so do not just apply the paint as you want to. Factors that can affect the paint include presence of cracks, the air moisture, oil stains, dirt, and other chemicals found on the floor. Proper preparation should be done in order to save time as well as money.

Although the above stated paint types are suitable for concrete floors, not all might meet your standards. The oil based paint for example, it has been formulated to perform well in conjunction with the components of concrete and it is the cheapest among all the concrete floor paints but the end result cannot be as appealing as it should be. Once the paint dries, you will see that it is not as glossy at latex and epoxy paint tends to be. Also, it doesn’t very long because it peels off after a few weeks of wear and tear which means you have to paint your garage floor at a regular basis.

The other floor paints also have their own advantages and disadvantages. The epoxy paint is a popular choice for many homeowners with painted garage floors because the final result is a glossy finish. It also makes cleaning up spilled water, oil, and other chemicals easier. But the downside to this product is that excessive sunlight exposure can lead to the loss of the glossy effect and in turn become yellowish.

The polyurethane paint on the other hand has been observed to better than the epoxy because it has a very high resistance to chemical spills as well as sunlight. Last, the latex paint which is an alternative choice over epoxy and polyurethane paint because its final results are the same; but the disadvantage lies on the very long duration of drying time, the need to apply a protective covering layer after painting, and the need to protect it from sunlight because the color will fade once it is exposed at prolonged period of time to the sun.
Choosing the perfect floor paint can indeed give you a headache but keep in mind that it is better that you choose something that is expensive but will last long rather than something that is cheap but will not even last for a week.

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