3D Rendering is a conceptual demonstration of architectural designs and concepts. It is widely used to visualize each and every architectural concept very clearly and accurately. 3D Rendering is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration. For interior it can be described as interior 3D rendering and for Exterior it can be described as exterior 3D rendering. Both technologies used to satisfy various purposes. Professional architects are using both technical aspects widely as per user’s requirements.

Let us get what interior and exterior 3D rendering include:

Interior 3D Rendering:

Fabulous interior is always a basic need for all. In the past time it makes high cost to get extraordinary interior look but after invention of rendering technology it is now much cost effective. 3D artists makes virtual and conceptual demo by gathering various architectural images in respective orders. Using interior 3D rendering users can satisfy many purposes listed as below:

•  3D Floor Plan Designs
•  3D Furniture Designs
•  Furniture Arrangement
•  Lighting Arrangements
•  Spacing between each interior element

It is used for both commercial and residential purpose. You can decorate your office or you home using this technology. For your home you can get individual services for bed rooms, living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. 3D artist makes 3D models for your interior which contains moving objects. It also provides 360 degree views for all interior elements so you can get better idea about your future interior. This technique reduces possibility of errors during real interior decoration.

Exterior 3D Rendering:

Exterior is also important as like as interior. Elegant exterior look can give you unique reputation in your society. It is always said that your well planned outdoors help you to reduce your stress. Using exterior rendering you can make small play ground in front of your home. You can also make your small garden more spacious. Find what exterior rendering includes:

•  Landscape Designs
•  Arrangement of exterior elements
•  Garden designs
•  Sitting arrangements
•  Fountain placement

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